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10 Personal Training Sessions
10 Personal Training Sessions focusing on learning the CrossFit methods and movements.  Get lean, strong, and reach your fitness goals as you work one-on-one with one of our amazing coaches.
Limit: 10 Sessions
Services: Personal Training Session
Providers:  Jamie Bell, Jennifer Fellows, Kandra Plott, Kris Gokey, michael carr, Troy Bell
Locations: Kulak CrossFit
Kulak Foundations
This class is an introduction to Kulak and to CrossFit movements/methods.  This session is required for all members new to our gym, regardless of previous CrossFit experience.  During this session, the coach will evaluate the member's movement and abilities, assessing and identifying strengths and weaknesses.  This class gives the member a solid foundation to transition into regular CrossFit classes with confidence.  Instruction on the gym software, rules and etiquette are also covered.
Limit: 1 Sessions
Services: Kulak Foundations class
Providers:  brandon desfosses, Jamie Bell, Jennifer Fellows
Locations: Kulak CrossFit
Nutrition Coaching
Limit: 4 Sessions
Services: Nutrition Coaching
Providers:  brandon desfosses
Locations: Kulak CrossFit
Personal Strength Programming
Customized 3 Month Strength Program designed specifically for the athlete.  Program will target athlete's specific needs and weaknesses, helping them reach their fitness goals.  Personal Coach will check in monthly with athlete and modify program as needed.  Athlete has access to coach at any time to ask questions and receive feedback.
Limit: 1 Sessions
Services: Personal Strength Program
Providers:  brandon desfosses, Jamie Bell, Kris Gokey, michael carr
Locations: Kulak CrossFit